[TYPO3-typo3org] TER crap!

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Sat Oct 31 13:18:16 CET 2009


i still wait for the t3org relaunch before optimizing things.

I agree that something has toi be done, like vote / negative vote etc. 
to sort out crappy things.

Also i think there should be some rules like we have in newslist, 
minimum requirements like
* use default english
* include manual

I think there will happen something soon.

vg Steffen

Philipp Gampe schrieb:
> Am 30.10.2009, 19:52 Uhr, schrieb Peter Klein <pmk at io.dk>:
>> Recently a lot of crap has appeard in TER.
>> By that I mean extensions without description and extension with
>> spanish/italian/german descriptions.
>> Wouldn't it be a good idea to create some guidelines for uploading to 
>> TER?
>> Such as minimum a description, which MUST be in English.
>> (Same should go for manuals. IMO: If the manual isn't in English, the
>> extension doesn't belong on TER.)
>> -- 
>> Peter Klein
> I miss a panic button, I could use to easily report those extensions...
> I don't even know who is responsible for TER
> Best regards
> Phil

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