[TYPO3-typo3org] A place for sysext manuals

Daniel Bruessler danielb at typo3.org
Tue Jun 9 23:16:34 CEST 2009

Hello Francois,

in the moment we have 14 entries in the core-doc-list.

The list would be too long if there would be 36 more entries more (if
every sysext had an own document).

=> should have an own category

Does anybody see a problem when we have a submenu item more
called "Sysextension Manuals"?


> Hi all,
> During a discussion on documenting css_styled_content in the core
> mailing list, it appeared that there was a loophole in the documentation
> section of typo3.org:
> - core documentation (e.g. TSref, Core APIs,...) is published as
> extensions and listed in a dedicated page [1]
> - extension manuals are also list in their own page [2]
> - there are another 2 special categories (tutorials and installation)
> BUT there's nowhere one can find the manuals for the sysexts. Of course
> they are available in any TYPO3 BE, but this is not the same as being
> able to browse them online (which would also mean that they would be
> reference, hence searchable with Google and such).
> How can we solve this problem at best?
> Cheers

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