[TYPO3-typo3org] Help shape the future of TYPO3

Denyer Ec denyerec at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 10:14:43 CEST 2009

>> let us be frank: TYPO3 V4 will be not changed by just passing-by. it is
>> improved by people using it everyday in their business case.

Granted, it will not be improved in the coding sense by people passing
by to say "Ooh you should do this instead..." but think for a moment.
My grandmother is not a computer programmer, but she sure as heck
knows when something is or is not easy to read, understand or use.
Their contributions, however fleeting, are sometimes of huge value.
It's like the story of the truck that got stuck under the bridge. The
engineers tried to raise the bridge the free the truck, using
expensive hydraulics and cranes. A 6 year old boy suggested letting
some air out of the tyres...

Important contributions come in many forms, some in the shape of
dedicated and applied programming experience, others in the shape of
ideas so obvious it's a wonder no-one thought of them before! By
living so close to the code, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of just
how complex it has become to use.

When it comes to a user interface or a user experience, the names
suggest that it's wise to let the users contribute. It's really
important here to make the distinction between 1) A typo3 developer
who works on the core CMS code, 2) A Typo3 Implementer, who builds a
business site using the Typo3 CMS and 3) A Typo3 user, someone who
day-to-day has to maintain, build and add content to a working
installation. I'm specifically referring to Case 3 here. Many Typo3
end users are non-technical people who actually have to *use* the
content management system that the devs tirelessly work to create.
Non-technical people cannot handle things like IRC and Maillinglists,
if they could, we'd see more of them here telling us how the "Upload"
button confuses them, or how they don't understand why they can't see
their latest edit on the frontend... Not giving these people a voice
is a monumental folly.


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