[TYPO3-typo3org] categories in TER?

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Sat Apr 4 13:47:27 CEST 2009

hi, i know that a whole redesign of typo3.org is in process.
does anybody know if there will be (finally) some meaningful categories associated to ext and a simple cat selector in TER?

right know i think it is absolutely the worst part of typo3.org (and in part also of TYPO3, since a lot of
things come from extensions, and if i do not follow the latest 20 uploaded exts (quite daily), they get lost, since it is very very
difficult to search within TER, or to discover the "hidden gems" you don't know about!

maybe just adding the tagpack extension to TER records, and using tags to mark and search for ext would be the simpliest and fastest
way to improve it.. what do you think?


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