[TYPO3-typo3org] "Sites made with TYPO3"

Daniel Hinderink daniel at typo3.org
Tue May 6 16:57:13 CEST 2008

Hi Kian,

I think the best solution is to introduce a second ranking box, keeping 
the existing one as the "community picks" and a second one with "best 

Obviously Brands are selected by hand, much like the reference List on 
.com. Brands are generally not hard to choose, simply go by brand value 
(Milward Brown and Interbrand publish rankings annually) and/or share 
price/market value.

That would still require someone suitable to maintain that list. Within 
that list, the ranking should be chronologically, with last additions on 
top. On the bottom it could link to a "top brands"-listing page.

Care to sponsor pixelrund to do this, or ask them to do it yourself?

The community picks now show the average rating. It could be changed to 
the total sum of stars, which would also be worth considering.



Kian T. Gould schrieb:
> Hi guys
> Thanks a lot for this new extension which was IMHO very overdue. I think 
> the features are getting there now but after a first trial we noticed a 
> major flaw of the system, which is the voting ability. We added our 
> largest and most complex reference CISCO Systems to the list, which is 
> currently definitely the biggest reference on the list because so far 
> mostly small projects were added and what happened? It was voted down by 
> a lot of people that added small projects and voted for them themselves 
> and is now not even under the Top sites anymore. When a potential 
> corporation interested in using TYPO3 sees these Top sites, they 
> probably would think that TYPO3 is a small community platform and not 
> suitable for their needs and rather turn to other systems which is 
> exactly what we don't want with a system like this. This way again we 
> have an unqualified listing of references that has some more info but is 
> in no way more differenciating than the old system.
> There are two sites there right now that deserve to be their IMHO, those 
> being fotobuch AG and Tourismus Hamburg (and CISCO of course :-) ) but 
> the rest is really not a great presentation of the TYPO3 power.
> Therefore I would like to open the discussion to ideas and suggestions 
> how a voting process could be done in a way that the Top sites are 
> really representations of the power of TYPO3 and not a result of voting 
> manipulation. If you totally don't agree with me please also give your 
> input, maybe I am looking at this from the wrong perspective.
> Best Regards
> Kian

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