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Christian Leicht usenet at schani.com
Fri May 2 16:00:40 CEST 2008

Hello all,
i would like to write some thoughts to you.
First of all, the plan to relaunch the site and focus the content is great. The last VideoCast of the typo3 project shows me the right way. Thanks for the work of the Team.
If i started searching a CMS for me in 2000, people recommended me to take a look on TYPO3. I do tests and setup a page and do not see the benefits.
TYPO3 is a great framework but you need months to recognize this. For every Newbie to TYPO3 its very hard to find the "typo way". Even for advances user and admins its not clear to "being on the typo way" or what is "being on the typo way". If i observe the people and the work of the TYPO3 community i see many different "Typo ways". That is reflected in the Extensions. There is no uniform way to do something. On the one hand its great, to can do things in different kinds, but on the other side, makes it more difficult to learn TYPO3 (also for Editors with no dev skills).

A good Intro are the Videos from Kasper, but they are outdated and do not show the main benefits of TYPO3. Of course, it shows "how to place a Image or a text", but not the benefits. Also the VideoCasts shows only a small introducing of the "Typo way" (between the lines). You can only see the power of Typo3 when you learn to setup and develop pages.

Why this is not the case?

- The typo3.com or .org shows nothing about the power.
- The Typo way is not defined
- There is a highly trained large community, but where. The community is fragmented on many places. .org .com news.typo3.org forge.... bugs.. wiki.. google.. and many different forums and mailinglists.
- TYPO3 is the leading CMS Framework, but uses on the community site(s) a wiki, Redmine, Mantis, ...
- There is no clear document structure, especially on typo3.org 
- Good documents are mostly on external sites (different language versions)

Please keep the structure of the site simple. 
Do not use many subdomains. 
Let the visitors see a active community on the Frontpage (This time - the Frontpage is sleeping sometimes for weeks). 
Please use TYPO3 for presenting TYPO3, and show the power. Kick the wiki an other stuff. 
Please establish a central forum with the opportunity to build a knowledge base or faq for Typo3. This will extreme consolidate the community.

Please use more language support on typo3.org !!!

Best regards


usenet at schani.com
Freitag, 2. Mai 2008 15:58:31
Subject: The new typo3.org

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