[TYPO3-typo3org] force logins on the wiki please

Daniel Brüßler info at -remove-patchworking.de
Tue Oct 23 21:41:06 CEST 2007

Hello Ingo,

it's not normal spam, all normal spammers are blocked by the bot-trap.

This is a special bot, the programmer seems to know very well how
mediawiki works, I'm shure he would create user-names and use that. So I
would need more time to revert the changes, because of many new user-names.

In the moment it's very easy to revert that changes, because just
anonymous ip-addresses.

Since 15:45 there's no problem, becaue Dodger and me blocked 2
IP-addresses what were to new for the bot-trap.

For the next time I want to do these steps: 1. block the ip, 2. report
the new ip in the bottrap-forum, 3. revert the changes.

best regards

> who ever can do this ...
> please add a login enforcement to the wiki. Spam from anonymous IPs is
> getting incredible
> thanks
> Ingo

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