[TYPO3-typo3org] Manuals again

Daniel Brüßler info at -remove-patchworking.de
Fri Mar 16 11:37:46 CET 2007

Hey Robert and Elmar,

thank you both for the time you're putting in. ;-)

4 minutes ago I cleared my browser cache, revisited

and made a count
wc -m test.html

=> The page has 66201 chars, what are 64,649414062 kB

And I saw a medium blob has 64kB as limit.

So it's really the size of the attribute of the caching-table (or maybe
another one?).

kind regards
Daniel Brüßler

So I see it wasn't just the preg_replace --
Elmar HInz schrieb:
>> I already changed that to blob during my debugging sessions ...
> Hi,
> I have the impression, that is the point when the DB looses information
> about the field length. That's why I suggested to restart also mysqld.
> Just a theory.
> Elmar

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