[TYPO3-typo3org] SOLVED! Debugging results for caching issue at typo3.org

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Wed Mar 14 18:46:03 CET 2007

Hi again,

thanks for helping me so far. I found at least the line of code which  
cause the problem and disabled it on typo3.org.

The content postprocessing function prefixLocalAnchorsWithScript() in  
tslib_fe consists of these two lines:

     $scriptPath = substr(t3lib_div::getIndpEnv 
     $this->content = preg_replace('/(<(a|area).*?href=")(#[^"]*")/ 
i','$1' . htmlspecialchars($scriptPath) . '$3',$this->content);

The problem is that - at least with the HTML rendered by ter_doc_pi1  
- the regular expression returns an empty string therefore resulting  
in a blank page.

For now I disabled this function with "config.prefixLocalAnchors >".  
Now it's up to someone else checking the regular expression and it's  
dependency on a certain PHP version ...


Am 14.03.2007 um 13:46 schrieb Robert Lemke:

> Hi folks,
> after now more than 9 hours of debugging I finally could reproduce  
> the caching problem of the list of manuals at typo3.org on  
> different platforms. It seems to be related to PHP 5.2.1, the  
> problem however is that there is not any error message in any of  
> the log files which could give it hint ...
> I created a bug report which contains a little extension which  
> allows you to exploit the problem:
> http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=5221
> For now I have to take a little break, I just hope that any of your  
> has some idea or a chance to debug this issue. Please write your  
> ideas etc. to the typo3.org mailing list.
> Thanks!
> robert
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