[TYPO3-typo3org] Rebuilding TYPO3.org

Mathias Schreiber [TYPO3] mathias at typo3.org
Mon Mar 12 11:35:27 CET 2007

Hello folks,

as some might already know it is my task to get TYPO3.org to its limits 
in order to have all the features running that have been working as well 
as a lot of new stuff to make your daily work with it more pleasant.

So I just want to inform you about the next steps that will take place 
as well as some administrational stuff you should know about.

a) There will be a lot of work to do and this work will be covered by 
people willing to help (that's basically you :))

b) ANY help is welcome, be it
   - HTML Templating
   - Building CSS files
   - writing PHP code
   - coming up with new ideas
   - helping me with the project management by becoming head of
     a smaller unit
   - raising sponsoring money

c) there will be no paid codelines
    The reason is simple: if I pay one person, I'd have to pay ALL
    persons. There simply isn't enough money for this.

d) Roadmap
   - Taking over TYPO3.org from a technical point of view
     (no date settled yet)
   - Brainstorming session
   - Breaking the results of the brainstorming session into smaller
     chunks which are assignable to "units".
   - Call for volunteers
   - Assign volunteers to units
   - Getting things done

So right now I'd ask for help within all skill fields.
There are only two requirements:
- Keep your promises
- Keep your timings

This might sound a bit harsh, but it is not intended this way.
I just want to get things done and in order to do so I need to have 
reliable infos on the current state of work.

So if you want to help, just post here.


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