[TYPO3-typo3org] Wiki and problems about a new TUG

Erik Sokoll erik2007 at t3media.de
Sat Mar 10 12:34:04 CET 2007

Hello Patrick,
thanx for this nice mail.  :)))

Here comes the message for the entry "Typo3 User Group in Würzburg, 

----------- cut ON --------------

Würzburg (WUeTUG.de)

Auch Würzburg hat seit März 2007 eine TUG.

TREFFEN finden (noch) nicht regelmäßig statt, sondern
werden über den Newsletter kurzfristig ausgemacht.
Bitte trag Euch daher auf der Seite ein und setzt den
entsprechenden Haken.

Wer nicht angemeldet ist, kann sich einfach per e-mail
bei uns melden.

Webseite: http://wuetug.de

Kontakt: Erik Sokoll und das WUeTUG-Team

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1.) Please insert burg_klein.png on top of the textblock

2.) Put the first line "Würzburg (WUeTUG.de)" as a headline

3.) The link at "Webseite" is clear. Maybe use www.wuetug.de like the 
others do

4.) Please add the address <wuetug at wuetug.de> to "Erik Sokoll" and 
First I thought about to link any address like admin2007... as a contact 
but it makes no sense, cause others (you) would have to change it every 

OK, that´s it. MANY, MANY thanx in advance...  ;)
Erik Sokoll

P.S. Hopefully all special letters like this german "U" with dots on top 
will be displayed in your mail correctly.

Patrick Gaumond schrieb:
> Hallo Erik (that's it for my german skill...)
> Erik Sokoll wrote:
>> hope my posting is not completely off topic in here.
> It's  not.
>> Some time ago we started a TUG for the city Würzburg in Germany (3 
>> people). ;) There is not so much to see yet but german readers* could allready have 
>> a look at http://wuetug.de :)
> Send me the text you want on typo3.org and I will gladly add it.
> patrick AT typo3quebec . org
> Patrick
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