[TYPO3-typo3org] buzz.typo3.org: Posting form allows HTML tags

Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Wed Jan 17 08:54:24 CET 2007

Hi folks

Rupert Germann schrieb:
> but we have a spam problem on this site:
> http://buzz.typo3.org/people/mario/article/show-your-network/

Oops - one of my blog posts. Sad. I have deleted the spam comments from
my part of buzz.typo3.org.

> I'll install a captcha.

That would be great! On my personal site I'm using sr_freecap with
changed config values for the morph factor. Since the captcha is
installed, I never had any spam on the blog - but still getting comments
from real visitors.

There's another thing that could be improved on buzz.typo3.org: Email
the author whenever a comment gets posted to a blog post. This way the
author would know what's going on - and could (if needed) react upon
this (e.g. delete spam directly). I know that this is possible in a
"1-author-per-Blog" setup of the ve_guestbook. But I don't know if
ve_guestbook could be configured to notify the correct author depending
on the current blog article.


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