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Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Mon Jan 8 01:58:04 CET 2007

Hi everyone ...

I do not know if I should contact Robert directly - AFAIK Sebastian and others did some work on
the TERFE plugin during T3DD ....

I just got fed up with fixing my t3ext2rss php script the 5th time ... it fetches the list of
newly released extensions from typo3.org and publishes them as RSS feed ...

i already wanted to create a terfe plugin version which supports RSS natively since quite some time.

Here is the result:


I could not test it as I do not know how to install ter+terfe exactly and do not want to read through
the whole docs :)

I implemented all the code necessary for letting the plugin output an RSS feed - the only thing you have
to set is

plugin.tx_terfe_pi1.outputRSS = 1

however you achieve this (conditions, different page, etc).

I think caching should work properly - it should get taken care that no content elements are inserted
AFTER the pi1 terfe plugin - else they would append their content to the RSS XML ...

The only bad thing is: I could not test the code as I have no php5 available at the moment. But I think
it should run quite out of the box except some syntax errors which may have to get fixed ...

I would be glad if someone with an working TERFE setup could test the diff and tell me if the RSS feed
works - I would then contact Robert directly and ask him to install it on typo3.org ...


PS: Happy new year !!

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