[TYPO3-typo3org] extension details view

Steffen Kamper steffen at dislabs.de
Wed Feb 28 01:49:42 CET 2007


i was very astonished while i was looking to the last updated extension 
(tt_news) on typo3.org.
The browser asked me to save a "ganttex05.php" with content

SetShadow(); // Add title and subtitle $graph->title->Set("A nice main 
title"); $graph->title->SetFont(FF_ARIAL,FS_BOLD,12); 
$graph->subtitle->Set("(Draft version)"); // Show day, week and month scale 
$graph->ShowHeaders(GANTT_HDAY | GANTT_HWEEK | GANTT_HMONTH); // Instead of 
week number show the date for the first day in the week // on the week scale 
$graph->scale->week->SetStyle(WEEKSTYLE_FIRSTDAY); // Make the week scale 
font smaller than the default $graph->scale->week->SetFont(FF_FONT0); // Use 
the short name of the month together with a 2 digit year // on the month 
scale $graph->scale->month->SetStyle(MONTHSTYLE_SHORTNAMEYEAR4); 
$graph->scale->month->SetBackgroundColor("blue"); // Format the bar for the 
first activity // ($row,$title,$startdate,$enddate) $activity = new 
GanttBar(0,"Project","2001-12-21","2002-02-20"); // Yellow diagonal line 
pattern on a red background $activity->SetPattern(BAND_RDIAG,"yellow"); 
$activity->SetFillColor("red"); // Finally add the bar to the graph 
$graph->Add($activity); // Create a miletone $milestone = new 
$milestone->title->SetFont(FF_FONT1,FS_BOLD); $graph->Add($milestone); // 
... and display it $graph->Stroke(); ?>

i never saw something like that before - what happens gere ?

vg  Steffen 

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