[TYPO3-typo3org] Better Searchresult template

redacted user redacted-user at example.org
Mon Feb 5 22:50:02 CET 2007


I made a better searchresult page for Typo3.org. 'Better' is meant as 
getting an easy overview of the result with keeping a relaxed eye and mind.

At the moment:

Mock-up with the same data:

Tested on Win ie6/7, FF, Opera; Mac Safari, FF

If somebody decides that this should be implemented on the live system
i can certainly help out to do this. I can provide the indexed_search 
template, css and typoscript.

Email: redacted-user at example.org


PS: btw there is a bug in the url of the path:
"?0=" is added at the end of the url. don't know for what..

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