[TYPO3-typo3org] [TYPO3-doc] [Wiki] 9 new Buttons for the edit-toolbar/ please test it

Michiel Roos michiel at netcreators.com
Mon Aug 13 08:45:02 CEST 2007

Hi Daniel,

I don't know which buttons are 'new' (I hardly ever use buttons) so I 
tested them all.

[x] with Linux / Firefox

The 'draft' FAQ does not work as expected. I expect a:
{{Faq|q = [selected text]|a = }}
What I get is:
{{Faq[selected text]}}

The 'tag' button gives too much output. It would be usefull to be able 
to tag just the selected word.
(leave out the: ". See the full list of tags - save this (or "Show 
Preview") and klick this link: [[:Category:Topic]]")

The same goes for the 'extension' (link to ter) button.

It is confusing to suddenly get al this text (and a period after tag 
insertion) mid sentence.

Please modify the edit page to include the 'descriptions' of the buttons 
'above' or 'below' the editor. This will help explain the usage of the 
editor but keep the code simple.

A description of the shortcut key modifiers would also be nice:
- Windows
- Mac
- Linux

Kind regards,

Michiel Roos

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