[TYPO3-typo3org] [TYPO3-hci] Kickoff: TYPO3 4.1 (suggestions)

Matthew Manderson matthew at manderson.co.uk
Sat Sep 16 16:37:40 CEST 2006

Hello Erik!

I'll pick up on the other points a different day - but I can only guess how
much of a commitment it is to keep typo3.org running everyone is voluntary
and funds are limited.

Yet, the TYPO3 community in general has pretty motivated people on board
coming and going so why not make better use of that.

A simple solution would be to put editorial control of typo3.org into the
hands of the community, What a cool idea apart for the crazy implications.

Anyway the point being that:

1) Quick/easy contributions are needed.
2) Distributed maintenance of typo3.org is needed to implement the changes.

Something as simple as allowing page annotations on every page of typo3.org
so anyone can just quickly add a comment or correction and second it
provides an automatic TO-DO list for anyone with editing rights to just
make those small HMTL changes to make it more usable.

Parts of TYPO3 suffers from a pressure not to change. Too much work, not
enough resource and so the project is full of small gaps. Despite the
actual product being superb and is developing so fast. It's like everything
else is left behind.

This is another opportunity for typo3.org to be the flagship installation of
TYPO3 with distributed maintenance. If wikipedia can do it why can't TYPO3.


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