[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3 Jive support forum

Alex Heizer alex at tekdevelopment.com
Fri Sep 15 07:56:15 CEST 2006

Hi everyone,

Thank you, Ingmar, for the kudos on the new look. Michelle turned the 
typo3.org design into a liquid layout which gives the wider forum 
content a little more breathing room.

As a few of you know by now, Michelle is leaving the community, and 
unspoken was the assumption I would too. The Jive forum located at 
http://support.typo3.us has already been very popular (the last week I 
looked at showed around 2000 unique visitors for that week alone!), and 
it's been steadily downloading all of the messages from the newsgroups 
that I set up connectors for. Also, Chris Page got a great start on a 
knowledgebase on the original typo3.us site project, and we'll get it 
manually moved into the forum. Is there any way to access the old 
mailing list archive HOWTO and FAQ sections? Maybe those can be 
incorporated, too.

Jive graciously donated the software for the forum, and it's proving 
itself to be very useful to the community even without a public release. 
  It would be good for the community to be able to continue to have this 
available and public. Since it's already up and running on our server, 
we'd be happy to continue hosting it and help to get the single-sign-on 
set up to connect with the rest of typo3.org. Just let me know what kind 
of access you'll need to work on the connector and I'll set you up.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know. I think this can 
continue to be a really great thing for the community!


Ingmar Schlecht wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> today I looked at http://support.typo3.us/ and I must say I was stunned
> how good it looks now!
> About a week ago I looked into the single-signon capabilities of Jive
> and it seems like integrating it with the TYPO3 SSO agent from
> single-signon.com is really possible. If you want, I could take a closer
> look and try to dig into it.
> Do you have any instant messenger account so we could have a chat about
> it? I'm now really looking forward to support.typo3.org!
> cheers
> Ingmar
> Alex Heizer schrieb:
>> Hi Joerg,
>> Joerg Schoppet wrote:
>>> Alex Heizer wrote:
>>>> - There is no single sign-on for mailinglist or typo3.org users to
>>>> integrate with the forum. This means to post to the forum users will
>>>> need to sign up with a new account and put in the email address they
>>>> use for the mailing lists in order for posts to be sent through the
>>>> lists. If the email address is the same as in the mailing list, they
>>>> will be posted once they are posted to the forum. The real world test
>>>> will be to see what happens if the email address doesn't match.
>>>> Current testing indicates the posts don't get accepted by the mailing
>>>> list but still appear in the forum.
>>> First, great work.
>>> Perhaps there can be something integrated with
>>> http://www.single-signon.com ?
>> Don't know. Perhaps. I'm not a programmer, but I'd be happy to work with
>> one to have them create an adapter for it. If anyone wants to develop
>> one, let me know.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex

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