[TYPO3-typo3org] [TYPO3-hci] Kickoff: TYPO3 4.1 (suggestions)

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Tue Sep 12 20:40:48 CEST 2006

Hello Matthew,

> Ideas for typo3.org
>> 2) A much better newbie experience on typo3.org this ranges from home
>> page of typo3.com through to the typo3.org and the first working site
>> in the BE. At present the journey is full of holes/bugs.

I don't think it's necessary to do much changes on typo3.com. Maybe the only 
one is to make the path to typo3.org easier to find. On typo3.org I see an 
"easy" solution to start with. Develop the Documentation start page to be 
an even better introduction to TYPO3. Also the page New to TYPO3 could be 
developed to a better startpage for newbies.

Step two should be updating and making some better newbie tutorials.

Else the project "Usability testing of typo3.org" should be supported. http://typo3.org/community/participate/in-progress/

>> 3) Page comments. Bring back typo3.org page comments. The contextural
>> concept is perfect. Problems may be with intergrating with the
>> expanding wiki. If the idea is to drop typo3.org documents in favour
>> of the wiki then the wiki content needs to be integrated into
>> typo3.org. One place for official online knowledge documentation.

+ 1. The comments (notes) helped me many times the first year of using TYPO3. 
And the same solution are used by MySQL and php.net (who also has been a 
great help). How it should be solved is at technical question I don't have 
any answer on.

>> 4) TYPO3 examples! This is a repository of cool TYPO3 code snippets
>> that expands on the old TypoScript By Example document but brings
>> modern TS ideas with a v4 context. Developers must be able to
>> contribute code easily and the code must be suitably categorised /
>> searchable / cross referenced to be a valuable resource.
> Matthew

There are a lot of recources of code snippets around. Maybe the first "job" 
should be making them more easy accessible from typo3.org. Today they are 
hidden under the name of other recources. Phase two, making a code snippets 
repository. But it's not enough to have snippets, they also has to be documented 
in a proper way.

But one note: TYPO3 is an advanced and complex CMS. Even if I strongly agree 
in the need to make both the HCI (BE) and different resources more easy accessible 
for newbies (and also intermediate users), I don't think we should hide the 
need to use time to learn TYPO3. 

Erik Svendsen

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