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Allan Jacobsen allan.j at cobsen.dk
Mon Oct 23 16:52:47 CEST 2006


I don't know if the page in the wiki on the software on typo3.org is correct, 
but there seems to be 2 obvious places to improve performance:

Upgrade mysql to version 4(or greater), this gives better performance because 
of the querycache in newer versions.

Insert a reverse proxy (squid) in front of the webservers. This gives better 
performance because even if the html(php) page is dynamic, all pictures and 
css will be cached by the proxy. 

Best regards
Allan Jacobsen
On Monday 23 October 2006 15:08, Daniel Bruessler wrote:
> Hello,
> as I see we have two problems to optimize the performance of TYPO3:
> * better LoadBalancer
> * better caching for dynamic parts for many users
> These two are in the must-part of the improvement-wishlist-page.
> You could add more tips or links to help solve the performance-problem.
> http://wiki.typo3.org/index.php/TYPO3.org_-_improvements#better_performance
> I wouldn't give up the patient.
> kind regards
> Daniel Brüßler
> Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Alex Heizer wrote:
> >> Based on Staffan Ericcson's, Dmitri Dulepov's and Daniel Brüßler's
> >> beginning, I understood the question to be about non-www.typo3.org
> >> destinations (news, buzz, wiki, and support) running non-TYPO3
> >> software. For non-main things (including bugtracking and the mailing
> >> lists), sometime you do need to choose the best tool for the job, even
> >> if your product is "creating software".
> >>
> >> To carry that idea one step further, I would always say "use the best
> >> tool for the job", but I would then also stress that if it is to power
> >> the main site of a CMS producer itself, then make sure the "best" tool
> >> is "our" tool. It would be embarrassing to use Joomla! or Documentum
> >> to power TYPO3's site, so my vote would go towards making sure TYPO3
> >> is the best thing for the job. For that it would take a good, clear
> >> analysis of what the site needs, what TYPO3's strengths and
> >> shortcomings are, and exactly what it would take to get there.
> > 
> > Agree.
> > 
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