[TYPO3-typo3org] copyright of nimbus.ttf

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Fri Nov 24 02:12:11 CET 2006

Hi Christian,

> I'm currently fixing some bugs of the typo3 debian packages
> and there is a bug about the missing copyright of the included
> fonts.
> I already found the copyright of vera.ttf but the copyright
> of nimbus.ttf is missing!

Hmm, I thought the existing information in t3lib/fonts/readme.txt is
sufficient, but correct me if I'm wrong...

Anyway. I once got this font from the GNOME FTP site, and as it seems, the
file is still there:


Inside this archive, there is a file "n019003l.ttf" which is the font we are
using under the name "nimbus.ttf".

Additionally, this archive contains a file COPYING containing the GPL
license, and it contains some more information about the fonts in README:

| These fonts were made from the free URW fonts distributed with ghostcript.
| There are NO changes in the latin part of them (I hope).
| Cyrillic glyphs were added by copying suitable latin ones and painting
| oulines of unique cyrillic glyphs in same style as the others.
| For all modification pfaedit was used.
| The license for result is (of course) same as for original fonts,
| i.e. GPL with an exception that you can put these fonts in your own
| non-GPLed documents. (Looks like LGPL from my point of view =). 

Is this what you are looking for?

> Someone mentioned that this is a ttf converted from a type1 font
> of the ghostscript project, but is that true?

It seems so, but I can't remember.

> If yes, this font is GPL but the source of that ttf is missing
> in the downloadable archives of typo3!
> Could someone please fix that in the next release of typo3?

Please send me a patched version of the readme.txt in t3lib/fonts/, then I
will take care of it.

- michael
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