[TYPO3-typo3org] Fwd: Solution for mailinglist archive

Daniel Hinderink [TYPO3] daniel at typo3.org
Fri Mar 24 11:15:10 CET 2006

> Kasper Skårhøj schrieb am 24.03.2006 10:23:
>> Alex Heizer has a suggestion for the mailing list archive. Please read
>> this mail.
> I also like the solution, it looks very professional. I had some
> problems with the browsing and finding the threads (for example now I
> just get "No threads in this forum or filter.").
> Having that under "support.typo3.org" and indexed by Google would be a
> big "+" for many people that search for answers to TYPO3-related
> questions in Google (currently most hits in Google point to non-existing
> mailing-list archives).
> The only sad thing about it, is that it doesn't run under TYPO3. But
> this is at least a step forward. Maybe some crazy guy one day recreates
> the functionality of Jive as a TYPO3 extension. :)

I think that's fine. To me it's a sign of maturity to stop wanting to be the



> Cheers,
> Ernesto
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