[TYPO3-typo3org] Consultancy on .com/.de

Erik Svendsen erik at linnearad.no
Thu Mar 16 18:12:44 CET 2006

Hello Peter,

> Olivier Dobberkau schrieb:
>> Peter Russ schrieb:
>>> Just wondering WHY consultancy on .com/.de are different from .org
>>> Any reason?
>> i heard thru the grapewine...
>> this will change.
> Thanks. And in which direction?
> At the moment I'm not that sure ;-)
> Peter
As I understand are the following today's "rules". The consultancies on .com 
are "approved". You see whats needed under "How to get listed". The consultancies 
(service offering) on .org is open for everyone who takes the time to register 
as an user on TYPO3.org, and register their company/person as someone who 
offer TYPO services. But I can tell you that the list isn't exactly up to 
date. TYPO3.de looks like more or less a copy of .com.

And I think you are listening to part of the grapewine!

Erik Svendsen

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