[TYPO3-typo3org] CSS help for TER, please! (was Re: TERdesign reconditioned)

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Mar 14 11:14:37 CET 2006

Sorry for x-posting!

Please, dear CSS wizards,

HELP me get this thing displayed decently in IE6. It looks perfect in 
FF/Opera here...


I want to push this to typo3.org really soon, and I am completely at 
loss after 12 hours of trying to find out where the problems are.

Thank you!

JoH wrote:

> Well - this is what it looks like with Win/IE6
> http://www.4any1.de/fileadmin/terdesign/ie_test.gif


I feared as much...If I had to make websites for IE for a living I would 
not have one hair left on my head.

The problem exists also in your teamwork page, but does only show if the 
changelog field is empty or there's not *enough* text in there. Overflow 
seems to be tricky...

http://www.4any1.de/fileadmin/terdesign/teamwork.html (download and 
shorten the texts...)

Anyone is invited to show me differences in the HTML though, my eyes are 
hurting, and I have not found any...

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