[TYPO3-typo3org] Softwarebox on Downloadpage should be flipped

René Häfliger typo3 at agentur-frontal.ch
Tue Mar 14 10:22:20 CET 2006

Franz Koch wrote:
> Hi Ingmar,
>> Interesting point, I never thought about that. :-)
>> But now that you're saying it, I agree it looks strange having the box
>> point away from the page.
> well, it keeps the page 'together' - currently the box is leading the 
> viewpoint outside the page. At least one thing I remember from school 
> ([en]artworker / [de]Mediengestalter).
>> Have a look at the thread "[Typo3-design] We new a new package ..." in
>> the newsgroup "typo3.design" and ask the guys over there. I'll then take
>> care of putting the new image to the packages page on typo3.org.
> I know that thread. Ok, I'll ask there for a flipped box or the raw 
> image without.

here is the new one:


best regards rené

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