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JoH info at cybercraft.de
Sat Mar 11 02:58:26 CET 2006

>> I do like the idea of using <dl> for individual extension info
>> fields, but I for the higher level, an unordered list containing
>> those dl stuff *might* be just as cryptic in text browsers as the
>> current tables.
> What's so bad with the tables? Use tables for tabular data!!
> And please: be searious: Who is going to view the extension list with
> a text browser, have you ever seen a eye-disabled developer?!

Yes - they are studying at the local school for eye-disabled people here in
Düsseldorf - and these guys use screenreaders not textbrowsers.
Developing is not much about what you are able to see but about knowledge
and intelligent solutions.

> Don't make things more complicated than they need to be.

Its absolutely not complicated - just a bit more sophisticated.
And it really doesn't matter if you are using a ul/dl-list or a table with
summary, caption, th + abbr and td + headers.
In both cases it will be more work than just using the usual <table><tr><td>
Screenreaders definitely work better with the list based solutions, since
these are serialized by definition.

And BTW: Tabular structure (not to be mistaken with "layout") means:

                        colheader1    colheader2     colheader3
rowheader1        value1            value2            value3
rowheader2        value1            value2            value3
rowheader3        value1            value2            value3
rowheader4        value1            value2            value3

So a table would be correct for a list of available extension. But the
detailview is just:

colheader1    colheader2     colheader3
   value1            value2            value3
colheader4    colheader5     colheader6
   value4            value5            value6

And this is called a definition list.
A list of detail views will be an unordered list containing different
definition lists.

It's simple as that ...


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