[TYPO3-typo3org] TER FE enhancements

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Thu Mar 9 10:00:07 CET 2006

i think they are all really good and wanted features!

i'd give priority to check a bit the TER search engine..
it seems so strange that i we search "news" you don't get tt_news!!!

just my cent.. good work!

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Hi *, hi Robert,
> as I have a little time at hand presently, I'd like to improve some 
> stuff in ter_fe which might enhance the usability.
> Notice: I can do all the patches myself and don't need any help but just 
> approval/better ideas, and would send in the stuff to Robert or commit 
> it to CVS straight ahead.
> In no particular order:
> 1. As Karsten said, replace "Documentation" with "Manual" or just 
> "docs", and replace "read online" with "read".
> 2. Remove the icons from list view as 80% are useless, and they hurt 
> page loading time and the server load a lot.
> 3. Add state and last update as columns in list view, as they are useful 
> to a lot of people. I'd also add rating as a column once it's ready.
> 4. Make the lists sortable, at least with: extkey, title, state, 
> last_update, (rating).
> 5. Merge Info and Detail view, they still fit easily on one page if you 
> clean up the tables and put them one after the other.
> 6. Add a history view (as exists in the review plugin) that just outputs 
> the upload comments in reverse chronological order. This would be a 
> simple changelog. The history view could also be appended after 
> info/details
> 7. Add a list_by_author view (similar to categories view), where all 
> extensions by author XYZ are listed, link to this in any extensions info 
> view (other extensions by author...)
> 8. Clean up (or even replace) the table output with something less 
> 'static' in single view...
> And some questions...
> What's the status of the category views? How can I help? Do we have 
> mm_relations or plain one_cat_per_ext?
> Can we remove the doc_only/l10n extensions (csh_xx) from the ter_fe 
> views, as the are not very useful to browse, and get special treatment 
> in 4.0 anyway... (We could simple filter by category l10n and doc).
> All this could be done until the weekend.
> Greetings,
> Michael

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