[TYPO3-typo3org] TER2 - Save your private extensions...

Rainer Suthoelder typo3-remove at kagru.info
Thu Jan 5 10:14:30 CET 2006


reading your post on typo3.org 
perhaps this helps to please developers:

[from http://typo3.org/teams/teams-typo3org/documents/ter-20/page/2/]

Setting up and using a private repository

With the new file-based approach, it is also possible to set up a private 
extension repository, e.g. for usage within a company or for sharing yet 
unfinished extensions with beta testers.
Setting up a private repository is even easier than setting up a supporting 
mirror. You just have to create the file structure on one of your webservers 
and fill it with extensions. Uploading extensions must be done manually, a 
script for automatically generating the extensions.xml file will be 
available. You may protect your repository by authentication via .htaccess 
and .htpasswd files.
Downloading extensions from a private repository is easy as well. The 
Extension Manager allows you to manually define a list of private 
repositories including optional username and password for HTTP 
authentication. You just connect and download from your private repository 
as you would to the official mirrors.

Things which are not possible with a private repository:

*MD5 integrity check against a trusted server

*browsing through the repository by using a frontend plugin like on 

*uploading to the repository via the Extension Manager (although this could 
be done via FTP maybe)

The feature for creating private repositories is meant for sharing 
extensions within a small group of people, it is not meant to replace or 
duplicate the official repository on typo3.org which should always stay the 
main resource for extensions. This is important as it is the only way to 
achieve some degree of quality assurance by the review process and avoid 
scattering of TYPO3 resources in general.


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