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ben van 't ende [netcreators] ben at netcreators.nl
Sat Feb 18 10:42:02 CET 2006

Hi Robert,

My hand is raised! Seems like a typical job for CRG.



Robert Lemke wrote:
> Hi folks,
> today the most important services on TYPO3.org run stable and I can dare
> concentrating on the finalization of TemplaVoilà and preparation of a row
> of seminars I will give next week. Although I invest every free minute into
> solving open tasks on TYPO3.org it is unrealistic that I can take care of
> fixing the HTML / CSS issues myself within the next few weeks. Therefore
> your help is highly appreciated.
> So, what can you do? As mentioned in other threads already, it is important
> that we keep a certain order while fixing and improving the design. I
> propose and ask you to take these steps, one after another:
>   - Fix CSS (and HTML if neccessary) for the current design
>   - Suggest small improvements, like a different arrangement of fields for
>     the display of extensions etc.
>   - Introduce new design features
> For me two things are very important: 
>    1) someone has to coordinate the whole process. As Ben O'Hear created
>        the design, he will have the last word when it comes to decisions and
>        before applying new suggestions. But Ben doesn't neccessarily have to
>        organize the collection of HTML / CSS improvements by you - it just 
>        has to be someone who keeps in touch with Ben. Please raise your hand
>        if you would like to organize this from beginning to end.
>    2) I need the results of your joint efforts in a format which makes it as 
>        easy as possible for me to integrate it into the rendering parts of
>        extensions. The HTML and CSS templates must be ready so I can just
>        upload them.
>        This is really neccesary, because there are so many other tasks I
>        have to focus on. I therefore won't touch nor decide over design
>        (but of course I'll still have my personal opinion ;-) )
> I suggest that we have a wiki page with all open tasks, design bugs etc. 
> If we have that, I can check that page once in a while and apply the fixes
> to the live server.
> Well, thanks a lot for your help, also to all those who have offered their
> help by private mail. An please don't email me directly just stating
> "TYPO3.org looks so different, I think something is wrong" - otherwise I
> really have to consider creating an autoreply for incoming mails ...
> Happy weekend,
> robert

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