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Thu Feb 16 11:21:16 CET 2006

Ben O'Hear wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Micheal, you make two very valid points:
> - The fonts should be resizable (at least for the main text - that might not
> be practical for the nav), which is what we specified but somehow got lost
> en route to deployment (Daniel, any ideas?).
> - If the fonts are resizable then the word count of each line will diminish
> as the fonts get larger.
> [For those of you who are wondering, the generally accepted optimal line
> width is 10-15 words. Any more and you struggle to find the beginning of the
> next sentence (and in really extreme cases it apparently strains your neck
> and eye muscles). Any less and you have too many 'carriage returns']
>> Would you be interested in help?
> With that in mind I would be *really* interested in seeing a CSS that
> resizes the whole layout with the font size for IE and Mozilla, keeping it
> in proportion. Basically the same effect as zooming in Opera. Do that, and I
> promise to send you an autographed photo of my six month old son.
> I'm still not convinced about the flexible (but I hasten to add that I am
> convincible :-). So far the strongest argument is that certain content items
> are too wide. I want to wait till the dust settles a bit before we look into
> that.
> The other argument is that the user has the option to trade off legibility
> for less scrolling. I'm not sure this is really a usability gain, especially
> as most users won't have a clue about what an optimal line width is (and
> even if they do, is it really polite to ask them to fiddle their browser
> window until they hit it?).
> So far I am staring at an uncertain usability gain and a definite aesthetic
> loss, combined with an inconsistency between Typo3.com and Typo3.org. So
> altogether I remain in favour of fixed.
> But hey! I'm up for anything.
> So, CSS jockeys, the two challenges are served:
> - A layout that "zooms" when the font size changes.
> - A flexible layout that does not end up with a line width the length of my
> arm on my 20'', that does not have white space scattered all over the
> content, that shows good gains in scrolling and of course, that looks great.
> An idea would be to restrict the general text column to a reasonable size
> and allow "multi-column" (i.e. tables) content to flow.
> Best,
> Ben

Hi Ben and everyone,

I posted my comments on the dev list, but this list is where they belong:

Great design! Just want to plus the previous two posts concerning the
accessibility thingies. Very easy to implement and a great joy also when
using opera mini that I just installed on my mobile. Haha reading TSRef
on my mobile  ;-)  Anyway.

* I think the site needs a width for a higher resolution. I think we can
safely go to 1024X768 screens. I see more and more sites popping up
using that. I am not default designing for that, but there are a lot of
pages that cannot never fit on a smaller res. I would use a width of
about 960 px. That would also make the documentation better readable as
the column is a bit to narrow for comfortable reading and the extensions
fit on the page.

* And you also need a printstyle sheet. I will be happy to make that.
Just give me a day or two.

* Owww uhhh the site is full of validation errors. Can we try to get it
XHTML transitional? There is a Content Rendering Group you know that
will gladly assist.

Many thanks this will greatly improve TYPO3's image.

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