[TYPO3-typo3org] better top lonks select menu

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Thu Feb 16 00:13:44 CET 2006

since Safari, but i guess also other browsers, doesn't recognize styles inside the selects,
the top shortcut menu of typo3.org isn't very easy to understand:
the "general" and "development" choices are the same as the others..
i'd suggest to prepend a "- " (or something like) to the links, something like the following code:

		<select id="portal-select" onchange="document.location.href = this.options[this.options.selectedIndex].value">
			<option value="" class="section">General</option>
			<option value="http://typo3.com">- TYPO3.com Home</option>
			<option value="http://association.typo3.org">- TYPO3 Association Home</option>
			<option value="" class="section">Development</option>
			<option value="http://typo3.org" selected="selected">- TYPO3.org Home</option>
			<option value="http://bugs.typo3.org">- Bugtracker</option>
			<option value="http://wiki.typo3.org">- Wiki</option>

			<option value="http://lists.netfielders.de">Mailing lists</option>

what do you think?

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