[TYPO3-typo3org] New TYPO3.org

Oliver Wand wand at itaw.de
Wed Feb 15 10:04:09 CET 2006

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Oliver Wand wrote:
>> - Searching the extensions doesn´t give any results at all, 
>> regardeless what I search for
> Search for csh and you will get results. As you might have noticed, the 
> list of supported extensions is very small, and only those turn up in 
> the search results.
> It has been requested to open the search for unsupported stuff, this may 
> be a temporary solution to get some load off the server.

First of all I guess I missed that a decision like that has been made :-)

> BTW, I agree that the current situation is sub-optimal for everyone: The 
> users are pissed because they want extensions listed, the reviewers are 
> unhappy to be put under pressure to review stuff (which is 
> contraproductive for reviewing I guess).

I agree. E.g. I wanted to look for an extension manual online to simply 
check some things out in a fast way, now I´m not able to. I´m sure a lot 
of developers won´t like this situation as well.

IMHO it´s a rather hard way to put that much extensions "offline" (in 
ways of typo3.org) as a lot of developers out there are working with a 
lot of those...

In my case now I don´t run into big troubles, but just imagine a 
developer has to tell his client that he can´t continue working at the 
moment as typo3.org decided to take a lot of extensions from their 
Not the best reputation I guess.

Sorry if that has been discussed somewhere before, I don´t want to open 
any reruns :-)


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