[TYPO3-typo3org] Thank you for ratings on typo3.org

Christian Trabold trabold at mehrwert.de
Tue Aug 15 15:27:31 CEST 2006

Hi Elmar and Michael,

>> I just want to say thank you for the implementation of ratings and 
>> comments
>> on typo3.org. I hope a lot of people will make use of this features.
>> I think this features will give extension developers a great kick to
>> provide still better extensions.
>> I also like the possibility to leave some comments. People can also 
>> use it
>> to share tips, experiences and configurations for the extensions.
> They shouldn't use it for that, maybe we should state this explicitly in 
> some rating rules.

that is IMHO pointing to a new question:

How and where could a "Tips and tricks"-section be maintained in a
comfortable way?

Sacha, JoH and I were planning a snippet archive to collect
tips, experiences and snippets (maybe in a coobook-manner) [1].

>> However I don't think it is the best solution for sharing this kind of
>> information. php.net shows how this could be done by a board. Quickly to
>> realize and very flexible would be a link to the wiki.typo3.org for every
>> extension creating a new wiki page for each by linking the extension key.
> Providing a link to wiki.typo3.org/ext_key is really trivial and 
> possibly a good idea (and we don't need to implement the old forum 
> anymore). If another typo3 webmaster gives a +1, I'll set that up in a 
> minute...

I like the way php.net is dealing with the function reference - but the 
board as a comment system has some drawbacks I think. Eg. it gets quite 
hard to distinguish tips and examples in longer lists. Sometimes a new 
post is only a correction of the previous post.

Maybe a wiki is the right place to do it the modern way like this:


@Michael: IMHO we should give this decicion two more minutes to think 
about, don't we?

Asks Christian

[1] http://www.christian-trabold.de/fileadmin/ct/docs/snippetarchive.pdf

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