[TYPO3-typo3org] New page, new image

Jo Schneider typo3listmember at typo3cms.info
Tue Apr 18 12:57:14 CEST 2006

Krystian Szymukowicz wrote:

>Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:
>>Hi list,
>>I added a new page: http://typo3.org/community/irc-chat/ , and a new
>>image at http://typo3.org/community/about/ . All these images are
>>royality-free, and we can use them without any problems.
>>During the next days, I plan to add some more images to typo3.org "to
>>make it a bit more human" (to quote Patrick Gaumond ;) )
>>Greets, Sebastian
>hi Sebastian
>Nice images, nice work, thank you.
>I was just thinking if it would be better to leave the images as they 
>are - without any "drop shadows" and others "frames around". For example 
>you make shadow with 3px other will do with 6px and third will do glow 
>and in short time it lead us to inconsistency in design. Just my humble 
>I refer to image at http://typo3.org/community/about/ with small shadow.
Hello to everybody,

since I mailed some suggestions to Robert earlier, he asked me to join 
this list. So here I am. My name is Jo Schneider and I live in Bonn, 
Germany (www.typo3cms.info).

I think, Krystian is right. Another possibility is to frame pics by 
general. Here is an example: http://www.ing-dannenberg.de.

Since the design of typo3.org is a bit 3D (transparencies, color 
gradients), it may fit to work with shadows, but I guess it may be 
better to keep it simple.

Best wishes!

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