[TYPO3-typo3org] Useless extension inflation, part 22311

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Mon Apr 3 20:25:07 CEST 2006

Stanislas Rolland wrote:
> Michael Scharkow a écrit :
>> [...]
>> 5. Plus an extension that is completely in Italian and another one 
>> completely in German [...].
> What is wrong with this? Anyone who reads German or Italian is welcome 
> to translate them into whatever language he likes.

The point was *not* that there shouldn't be translations, but I expect 
you knew this.

> Galileo Galilei was the first European scientist to publish his works in 
> a language other than the language of the Roman empire. How many 
> centuries do you propose we should wait before one is allowed to publish 
> his work in a language other than English?

You wouldn't argue that Galilei's works had such an impact *because* 
they were in Italian, would you? Rather, they succeeded in spite of 
being non-Latin, like Kepler's and Kopernikus's...

> I would strongly support all those who would like to publish extensions 
> in languages other than the language imposed upon us by the empire of 
> the day.

I'm not going to debate these pseudo-political issues here with you. I'm 
neither advocating English as a good language, nor do I endorse 
linguistic hegemony. The fact is that English is the lingua franca of 
computer science, the internet and most international organisations 
*now*, no matter if you or I like that. English is taught as a foreign 
language nearly everywhere in the world, so unless you happen to be 
completely monolingual, you'll probably have learned it in school.

It's simply a matter of politeness and respect to make a *public* 
extension available in the language that most if not all people who use 
TER obviously understand. If you think your extension is useful only to 
German or French speaking people, please go ahead and setup a regional 
TER for this. Moreover, I'm not going to review or rate a German 
extension that maybe I can understand but you cannot, simply because it 
reduces the reliability of the whole process.

> P.S. I would also propose that every occurrence of 'default' in TYPO3 
> language files be replaced by 'en', since 'default' does not correctly 
> describe the language of the content, and English is not my default 
> language.

Neither is it mine. 'Default' obviously relates to the software and not 
to the user. The vim defaults happen to differ from my settings as well, 
who'd have thought...


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