[Typo3-typo3org] Bad links?

Kasper Skårhøj kasper2005 at typo3.com
Fri Sep 23 13:22:25 CEST 2005

Hi People,

It just hits me that maybe some of the non-working links doesn't work
because they were estabilished under the old structure. Ficticious

The page "Code Guidelines" were found under "about/code-guidelines" in
the beginning of 2005. During the "Spring cleaning" robert moved this
page to the developer section. Actually the new URL should have been
"developer/code-guidelines" to be correct but due to the cache of
realurls the page ID was still associated with "about/code-guidelines".
So old links worked after the spring cleaning and nobody noticed the
"falsely speaking url". But when I installed the newer version I
(accidentially?) flushed the whole path-to-id-mapping table in the
database to let it rebuilt. By doing that the old urls didn't work
anymore of course. 

>From my point of view the problem now is that the system contains
absolutely no clue about what old URLs were there! So the only way to
reestablish old URLs would be to have them reported in!

I don't know if this theoretical scenario describe parts of the problems
or none or almost all. Despite my efforts (see typo3.org frontpage) to
get links report I only got two at this point and they were mostly

Please report those links to me...

- kasper

- kasper

TYPO3 Association Chairman

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