[Typo3-typo3org] Portal-features for typo3 - let's get that stuff done

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Wed Sep 21 10:01:50 CEST 2005

Hi Kasper,

> First of all, your mail doesn't belong to this list I believe but the
> dev-list. 

Sorry for that. Robert mentioned in his speech portal-features for 
typo3.org and I think he also mentioned to discuss it in this group. But 
in general you're right - my thread is more orientated to developing.

> Secondly we don't have portal features on the roadmap at this point and
> certainly not for version 4.0 so in any case no immediate help can be
> given from core developers.

I sadly know.

>>Here is a list of general features, I think that typo3 needs and that 
>>have to work hand in hand to be suitable for typo-based portals. (and 
>>some of them could be nice for typo3.org, too).
>> ...
> This is very useful list! Thanks a lot.

You're welcome ;)

> This summer I came up with the idea of a "portal standard" for TYPO3 and
> that is mainly suppose to be coding guidelines combined with a code
> framework that supports the creation of portal features that are well
> integrated. This quickly extends into FE-plugins broadly speaking and
> thus is quite ambitious.

That is my intention, too. And 'cause I need a working result till 
newyear I'll try to do it on my own now (well ok, we're in fact 2 
sparetime-coders). Maybe I'm able to start some kind of 
portal/groupware-framework which later could be enhanced easily - 
although I doubt that.

> I will save your mail for future reference when I look more at that. 
Feel free to do anything you like with it ;-)

Greetings, Franz Koch

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