[Typo3-typo3org] Mailing list archive, what next?

Steffen Müller steffen at mail.kommwiss.fu-berlin.de
Sat Sep 17 17:09:44 CEST 2005

Hi Michael,

On 17.09.2005 16:19 Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Steffen Müller wrote:
>> Meanwhile I did set up Newsportal for typo3.test
>> http://typo3.kommwiss.fu-berlin.de
> Is there any caching going on? Are the posts cached, or the rendered
> pages? Otherwise, this is doing to be DOSed in seconds...

Thread data is cached for n seconds (default 60) in a file. Within that
limit, no NNTP requests are neccessary for the thread view. So no NNTP DOS.
Of course the page has to be rendered in php. And a look in the HTTP
headers shows that the page expires after 2 hours. Well, I am not an
HTTP caching expert, but I think this is enough to let browser/proxies
cache the page.

Caching articles is possible, too. It's experimental but recommended, if
there are a lot of attachments.


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