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Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Fri Mar 18 11:28:07 CET 2005

Robert Lemke wrote:
> well, I don't know. if the data you write to the filesystem has to be 
> transmitted over the local network to a common fileserver that could be as 
> fast or slow as a proper SQL query, or am I wrong?

Question is:
What happens more often?
Data being written or data being requested.
I'd take the performance loss in writing if I can speed up the requests 

The main problem is that mysql isn't capable of indexing binary data.
But still: we don't have binary data in that field.
And I'd really like to see the SQL statements on that one, because if 
mysql really calls the complete row into the RAM even if you only select 
two fields - this is nonsense.
I mean mysql can't be such a piece of crap if it is that successful, but 
if the do call complete rows into RAM the only real way around this is 
to use a real DB.

Because otherwise we try to build a skyscraper on a muddy floor - just 
wait for the next thing to crash, you know?

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