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Davide Talesco talesco at cs.unibo.it
Mon Mar 14 11:33:34 CET 2005

My name is Davide Talesco. I am a student of Computer
Science at the University of Bologna. I'm doing a research for my thesis
about the concept of Content Management System, defining the basic
standards to create a list of requirements and clarify the confusion
present today in this context.
I'm sending you a form to be filled, as a reference  to the features of
your software.
If you wouldn't fill the enclosed form, please send me any information you
would like to send me about your software; your contribute will of course
be mentioned in my dissertation.

	The form consists of four sections
	-Product overview
	-Content creation
	-Content management
	-Content delivery
Each section consists of undersections divided in concepts for a better
clarification of their meaning.
					Yours faithfully
Davide Talesco

 1.Product overview
    1.  Description
          1. Product name
          2. Company name
          3. Company website
          4. Product web page
          5. Release
    2. Technology
          1. Licensing
          2. O/S & Database
          3. Web server
          4. Application framework
          5. Languages
          6. Integraqtion
          7. Partnership
          8. Client
          9. Standards
         10. APIs
    3. Marketing
          1. Price
          2. License (per user, per CPU ecc.)
    4. Support
          1. Online help
          2. Tutorials
          3. Community

 2. Content Creation
    1.  Acquisition
          1. Native suppport for file types (Media asset repository)
          2. Migration & conversion tool
          3. Mandatory tagging (force structure & semantic)
    2. Aggregation
          1. Incoming Syndication feeds
          2. Integrated web services
    3. Authoring
          1. Support web based forms
          2. Implement internal authoring tool
          3. External authoring tool integration (blogging)
          4. Templating
          5. Tagging

 3. Content creation
    1.  Administration & configuration
    2. Workflow
          1. Roles and rights management
          2. Notification
          3. Task management
    3. Collaborative environment
          1. Versioning
          2. Check-in/check-out(This protection removes any anomalies
 arising from allowing simultaneous multiple users.)
          3. History
    4. Security Environnment
          1. Authentication
          2. Access control
    5. Repository management
          1. Localization
          2. Storage
          3. Back-up, import export of content
          4. Metadata management
          5. Search engine
          6. Digital asset management
    6. Development management
          1. Programmability
 4. Content Delivery

    1. Navigation creation
    2. Staging system
    3. Caching system
    4. Templating system

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