[Typo3-typo3org] Downtimes of typo3.org

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Mon Mar 14 01:23:02 CET 2005

Hello Robert & Jan-Hendrik,

>> We do. The server did work, but did not send correct results, that's why
>> we did not get notified... We are going to change monitoring in some way.
> please specify this because for me it is too fuzzy to get an idea what is
> happening. I know that such things can happen, servers stop out of the
> sudden or some other weird problems arise.  But what I need is someone who
> proactively tells we that there has been a problem, in what the problem
> consisted and how it is going to be solved.
> So please explain what you mean with the server did not send correct
> results and how you are going to change the monitoring.

Yes that's really important!
Even if the server sends some lines, but ". . ." is obviously not our
expected output.

>> Yes, I am really looking for those, but Kaspers feedback on this is "no
>> timetable", so we just wait for it. As long as I am not in charge of
>> doing those things myself, I can only wait for that.
> Please provide me with a shell and FTP account and I update TYPO3.org. But
> I need that account longer than only for updating because you never know
> when a problem occurs and you have to switch back.

Yes a root shell for Robert (like I already have it for the listserver)
makes very much sense!
Would be really cool if we could switch to 3.8.0-dev during the next week -
I guess that would give typo3.org a huge speed improvement.

> We are using Zend Accelerator, right? Then I'd also need some way to flush
> its cache myself so I can try things out without having to call someone.

I don't know. However if the server doesn't use an accelerator yet, you
might want consider using eAccelerator (ex turck-mmcache) which is
available for free of charge and also giving great results.

>> I discussed them with Daniel, Robert and Kasper independently ages ago.
>> As there was no feedback, and obviously no discussion between them, we
>> finaly spend our time on other things ;)
> This is all true but to be honest, it has nothing to do with some other
> problems we currently have.

Right. I'd say there are two problems: Availability and speed. The first one
is more important, but the 2nd could also help a lot.

Good night!
- michael
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