Whitelist extension (was: Re: [Typo3-typo3org] Comments on the mirroring concept)

Juergen Egeling egeling at punkt.de
Sun Mar 13 13:29:03 CET 2005

* Robert Lemke <robert at typo3.org> [050312 23:23]:
> What I aimed for is a very simple thing: After downloading an extension, the 
> EM tries to connect to the master repository / the super mirrors and checks 
> the MD5. If it is okay it does not say anything. If integrety fails, a 

Which will lead to many small hits to the super mirror. Hmm, we should think
about that. Fact is: People than have to wait for the original EXT server
plus a connect time to the super mirror.
Could all be fast, but could lead to problems on slower lines, DNS not
answering fast enough, etc. pp.
I personally think an MD5 in the EXT is fine. To check if the server admins
are "bad" I would stick to an idea, where we have a few server admins.

Advantage: If we stick to regular FTP mechanisms, we could use the already
existing infrastructure of some FTP Servers.

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