[Typo3-typo3org] TER and CVS

Juergen Egeling egeling at punkt.de
Sun Mar 13 13:17:01 CET 2005

* Robert Lemke <robert at typo3.org> [050312 23:27]:
> Jan-Hendrik already mentioned some ideas related to subversion which brought 
> me to some other questions: how could the EM or the TER simplify our work 
> with CVS? An example: It would be nice if you just have to click a button in 
> your EM which fetches and uploads the latest CVS version of some extension.

Hmm, but this opens problems for people just "clicking" there, and shooting
down a whole system, because the CVS Version is not tested too well, etc. pp.
I think we should first decide fo rwhom we are doing the TER.
If for "regular" users, it should be robust, and I would at least put some
very big warning signs on getting a CVS version.
If for Admins, well, those should be able to get the CVS version by hand and
install it, ...?

I would put the whole coming work on a robust EXT repository, which cannot
be killed too easy. If this is done, we can find hooks or something else
to enhance it.

Or this is all here just a "brainstorm". If yes: cool idea.

> As JH said, CVS version numbers and maybe branches are also something we have 
> to take into account.

There is a Webfrontend to CVS. I think if we look into this we get an idea
how much work it could be.

have fun
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