[Typo3-typo3org] Comments on the mirroring concept

Sven Wilhelm wilhelm at icecrash.com
Tue Mar 8 16:27:39 CET 2005


in the past I have send comments and inspirations to Robert directly,
now Robert invited me to publish here.

The idea of something like a debian repository is now written in the 
concept paper.

* How often do extensions change if there is a serious development?
* Possible to see the refresh of a extension list as a task that is done
   on demand and not automatically by the EM?
   * Compare it to an "apt-get update"
   * Possible to do that cronbased at night where backups,... are done
   * Have a persistant packagelist until next update
   * The workload for generating the local packagelist could be higher
     and mixing of several repositories (local, special, public) should
     be possible

Data Exchange:
Due the fact that there should be the data-exchange via soap, provide a 
new t3x format which is simply a zip archive containing an information 
file (Extension.xml) and the data part (just an idea).
* Advantages are the chance to use other languages for tools around
   * Integration in Eclipse for direct uploading finished extensions.

Will publish a mindmap with my ideas soon (it's only a first draft).
Every XML-File should be based on a DTD or Schema (writing a DTD is no 
problem to me).

Part 1 finished :)

Greets Sven

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