[Typo3-typo3org] News repository online!

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Wed Jun 29 17:19:58 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

after many hours of work, Rupert and I are very happy to announce the (beta) 
launch of the centralized TYPO3 news repository. 

We created a new site (news.typo3.org) which contains all the news related to 
TYPO3 sorted by different categories (BTW: please don't spread that URL yet, 
it's not meant to be public in this state). The news articles are exported as 
standard RSS feeds and can be polled by anyone with their favourite RSS news 

The big innovation however is the automatic import of news into distributed 
websites. On TYPO3.org and association.typo3.org the new extension 
"newsimport" is working already and displays news on different parts of the 
website. A backend user who has access to news.typo3.org can create a new 
news article which will appear automatically on the other sites depending on 
the selected categories for that article.

Although everything works fine in priciple, the backend on news.typo3.org 
still needs a clean up, backend user groups have to be configured, access 
rights to be set and certain pages need to be created. That's why right now 
only Rupert, Karsten, Julle and I may create news articles.

I'll be on holidays from tomorrow on and return at 9th of July. When I'm back 
we can create new BE users for certain people who need to write news already. 
In the long run also the teams on TYPO3.org will have their own news sections 
so they can communicate more easily.

Rupert, maybe you find the time to clean up a little and try the category 
access right features? And we'll also need a little documentation for news 
editors, maybe you feel like starting such a doc?

Well, so far the breaking news, have a great time


Robert Lemke
Assessor - TYPO3 Association

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