[Typo3-typo3org] TDR concept

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Sun Jun 26 17:00:11 CEST 2005

Peter Kindström wrote:
> Hi list,
> First of all I like to hear Michaels comments about the changes
> Robert have made to the TDR document... or be able to read the
> first release of it. Thank you!

I've just done that. Moreover, doesn't the SXW-File have a modification
display (or whatever that's called?). I think I have seen such
information when hovering over certain paragraphs.

>>[A] True import of the source documents into the page tree. 
> Is this a strict technical question or does it affect the way we
> are able to manage documentation in the TDR?

It should be transparent to the users, plus it enables us to use timtaw
etc. in the future.

>>[B] Use the TER for distributing documentation instead of yet another
> Doesn´t matter to me as long as you can garantee that a feature
> request for the "documentation part" of the TER does not get
> blocked because it does interfere with the "extension part" of
> the TER.
> I.e. it should be possible to develop the "documentation part"
> of the TER as the DocTeam like, without making any changes in
> the "extensions part" of the TER.

Yes, that's also one of my objections to using ONE repository (instead
of simply using two repositories of the same class).

> Are there any plans for a more detailed "feature request list"
> for the TDR? I have a few ideas...  :-)

The time for that is exactly NOW. So go ahead with any feature requests.

> And please, crosspost to the typo3.projects.documentation
> mailing list!

done that.


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