[Typo3-typo3org] TDR concept

Robert Lemke robert at typo3.org
Fri Jun 24 11:18:25 CEST 2005

Hi folks,

Michael Scharkow has sent me a first draft of the TDR concept based on his
thoughts from an earlier thread. I injected my ideas about the TDR and we
now have a first draft [1] we can use for further discussion.

We have to take some basic decisions before we go on and before we take that
decisions we must be aware of the pros and cons. On these points we'd like
to hear your opinion (of course add more points if you think something is

[A] True import of the source documents into the page tree. 
Technically this is a bit more work but the big advantage is that you don't
need any special rendering routines for displaying the documents online. It
is also the prerequisite for using TIMTAW and the like for editing
documentation online and then exporting it to OO again.

[B] Use the TER for distributing documentation instead of yet another
When we put documentation into the TER side by side with the extension
files, they will be automatically mirrored and can be accessed through the
same channels like the extensions. What frontend interface we use for that
is a different question but behind the scenes I propose using the TER.

[C] Keep everything together on TYPO3.org.
Instead of creating another subdomain (docs.typo3.org) like I suggested
earlier, I now think we should keep everything together on TYPO3.org. If
TYPO3.org is down at some point, documentation is still available via the
TER (ie. you can download it using the EM, HTTP directly etc.). 
Additionaly we can create mirror sites for documentation later on and they
will just render the documents they get through the TER.

[D] Use XSLT where possible
If we go for [A], we would make up an TYPO3 XML format which reflects pages
and (flexible-) content elements. To import a foreign document (like ODT,
SXW or docbook) we just have to run a transformation and then import the
TYPO3 native format. The same goes for exporting documents.

Well, these are my first thoughts on the concept. Michael and I are curious
to hear your ideas!


[1]  http://typo3.org/teams/typo3org/documents/tdr/

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