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Juergen Egeling egeling at punkt.de
Tue Jun 7 07:30:44 CEST 2005

* Robert Lemke <robert at typo3.org> [050606 21:30]:
> > we find out that it takes too muhc bandwidth, we can change that later. But
> > I don't think so. OK?
Wasn't all those Peer-to-peer networks developed to *save* bandwidth, as
every "sucker" also sends the stuff?
> yes, that would be great.
> I just forwarded it because I have no experience with Bittorent - do you think 
> that's a good idea?

IMHO it works very well if you have a critical mass, like
if *many* people want the same file. It is than distributed thru the
peer-to-peer net. You have one starting point that sends out the files
and if the first one downloads it, he also sends out the pieces
he alreday downloaded, etc. pp. So at the end, the file is "in"
the peer-to-peer net and everybody that is hooked to the net
sends and receives those files.
So if *many* people want those videos, it might be an idea, if not
it does not hurt (imho) except maintaining another server. But
if only a few people want those files, than FTP would be an idea
or even *one* filelist in the web, where one can simply put a
spider on that downloads the files (this is what I have done once.)
The problem is not *getting* the files, the problem is that you
have to either program a script, or klick about 1MIO times ;-))
to get all the videos.
So IMHO its not a bandwidth problem but an "interface" problem,
but exactly for such things we would have the mirrors later on
I think... If mirros also support "bittorrent" or "emule"
or only serve via FTP, this is in their own hands I think.

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