[Typo3-typo3org] Upgrade to 3.8.0 / PHP5

Wolfgang Zenker zenker at punkt.de
Sun Jun 5 23:24:06 CEST 2005

Hello Robert and everyone else,

> [@others: we talked at the phone about setting up a second test server for
> simulating an upgrade to 3.8.0]

sorry, did not get around to it earlier. I have now setup a testsite
at http://t38.t3o.punkt.de/ that should be used for testing the move of
typo3.org to 3.8
At the moment this is just a straight transfer from the original site,
no chache control headers or other new things enabled. Please test
the site to see if anything is not working anymore. If you make changes
to fix errors or enable any new functionality, please write these changes
down in the first content element of the start page, so I can repeat these
changes when we move the production site.

> could you - while you're at it - also enable PHP5 on the test server we are
> going to use for the upgrade? Then we can check both changes at the same
> time. The TER 2.0 will require PHP5.

Sorry, I could not do this, as the test site shares most of the infra-
structure with the production site. We use the same web- and fileservers,
only the database runs on the backup database server (hosted at the
fileserver machine).
Anyway, IMNSHO making multiple mutually influential changes and
hoping to test yourself out of the resulting mess is a sure
recipe for disaster. So lets finish this test ans transition fast
and then move on to the next test with php5 after that.


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