[Typo3-typo3org] TER / EM - more categories

Rainer (Rene) Suthoelder t3 at boswel-remove-me.de
Thu Apr 21 14:01:03 CEST 2005

Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] wrote:

>> and consider typo3 running on php5 - most likely, there will be
>> problems with older extensions...
> correct.
> Personally, I see PHP5 not as an progress in PHP but more like a fork.

yupp, most likely.

>> and a future migration to DBAL may also lead to some
>> incompatibilities (i don't hope so, but who knows).
> as long as you use mysql - no.

admitted. but i thought that basically, DBAL was inspired to make typo3 more 
flexible (regarding software requirements) and make it usable even in an 
corporate environment where a pre-defined/pre-determined IT infrastructure 
already exists and has to be followed (let's say corporate DB: Oracle, 
corporate OS: Windows XY).
so i would guess that DBAL will become standard some day (perhaps in typo3 
v4). even if DBAL (along with its submodules for the various DB's) is 
implemented fault-free this still does not guarantee that old extensions are 
compatible (DB tools in general).
to sum this up: it _could_ be usefull to have such information along with an 
extension you are about to install...

>> yes, i do know. perhaps one needs to be more patient to see what
>> happens. just to make it clear: i would love to see reviewed and
>> therefore recommended/not-so-recommended extensions.
> or just participate? :)

if i look at the member list 
(http://typo3.org/development/teams/extreview/members/) i see most of the 
prominent typo3 developers. i don't know whether non-dev's are expected to 
be in that team...

> What about taking the Typo3.orgs categories in account on the TER as
> well? I think there is enough categories and they make sense.

that could be a starting point. as these categories already exist somewhere 
in TER, i think they could be used in the EM as well. perhaps one should 
have a look at these existing categories and describe them in more detail.

> But to be honest:
> I never use the extMgm without explicitly looking for a certain
> extension. I always use typo3.org, then copy the ext key and i'm done.
> I even look at the code on typo3.org and then decide to use it or not.

that is a good point: you visit the TER with an _intention_, i.e. "i want to 
download this and that extension" or "i want to update an installed 
extensions" etc. this is of course the right way and that behaviour should 
be encouraged (or better enforced) by the EM, don't you think?

one could postulate "EM is not a TER browser, so no intention, no connect" 
or something else and tune the EM to support you by formulating your 
intention with some presets and some user definable selections:
- show available updates for already installed extension
- search for extension
- member extensions
- own extension
- ...

my 2 cents


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